bottle of new product first aid manuka butter for inflammation skin conditions and topical healing

New Product Alert! NPO Manuka Butter: A First- Aid Essential with 1200 mg CBD / CBG

We at Natural Pet Oil have brought your pet a soothing, anti-inflammatory, hydrating topical first- aid must have for that is naturally healing!

Introducing - Manuka Butter!

Manuka is a seemingly miraculous extract, as it is a relative to Tea Tree Oil with many antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial qualities. It is commonly used to treat skin conditions such as:


-Insect Bites



-Dry Nose & Pads

-Hot Spots




-& more!

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a woman holding a dog and another interviewing her for a podcast about dog sports like dock diving scent work rally dogs frisbee scent work, etc

Episode 2 of "Let's Talk about CBD" with Donna Mobilia, Natural Pet Oil Team Captain

Check out Episode 2 with Donna Mobilia, Natural Pet Oil Team Captain here!

Welcome to Let’s Talk About CBD, a show that highlights how CBD helps people & pets live better lives; supported by research, medical professionals, and lots and lots of real-life stories!

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