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Booomer is Very Happy with his Natural Pet Oil!

Boomer is a 7 1/2 year old American Bulldog we've had since he was approximately 6 months old. He had been walking and running with my hubby for around 4 years when we noticed he started limping off his right front leg. We thought he had sprained it and tried to have him rest it but every time he resumed running, the limping would get worse. We took him to a vet who informed us that Boomer could have cancer in his ankle or Valley Fever, but the biopsy of his ankle was inconclusive. Since that day, he's only been on walks and the swelling has gotten slightly worst.

We started Boomer on Natural Pet Oil on Feb 24th so, at this time, we're a week in. My hubby noticed this week that Boomer pulls him more on their walks than he had been and, here's a BIG one, when we leave, Boomer NO LONGER scratches the paint off the door! (Their breed has separation anxiety) 

Much love to Natural Pet Oil!

Boomer's Mom and Dad  


Our Mascot! (He loves Pillows)


Always such a Ham for the camera!


Loves Natural Pet Oil


Always Smiling!

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