1500 mg CBD/CBG + Omega Oils: Special Blend Maximum Strength

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Our Maximum Strength CBD Oil is our highest performing CBD Oil for Medium - Large Dogs,Cats, and all domestic pets! With the highest amount of cannabinoids, and a perfect blend of Fish Oils and MCT Omega oils, this product really provides the wellness power that your pet just may need.

*Also useful for any sized animal that experience changes in their digestion/ are sensitive to MCT Coconut Oil or Fish Oil, and benefit from higher concentrations of CBD while ingesting less oil. 

Suggested Uses (Same as all our products, just difference of concentration of mg):

Mental Focus

Supplement Facts

30ML - 1500 MG - CBD/CBG Blend - Fish Oil, MCT OIL



Customer Reviews

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Kim depew
Not received

I have not yet received my shipment. Please look into this and let me know.

IVY & Fam
Daily Doses of Nothing but the Best!

My strong and vibrant pup will be 14 years young in just a few weeks. 💕
With daily doses of Natural Pet Oil Ivy is comfortable and happy doing her thing. Nothing but the very best for my girl.

John Greene
Requested review

I am certainly hopefull that it provides results. It hard to be certain.

Sammy Sciolino
Huge Difference in Quality of Movement

I'm so thankful for Natural Pet Oil for giving my 11.5 year old the pep in his step he was missing to be able to keep up with us on our adventures. We use it nightly for all our crew and has made a huge difference in Cosmo's quality of movement.

Robert Elliott
External & Internal use for 3-day Recovery

Twig Update! Twig is doing amazing. I wanted to give a testimony. I give Twig Natural Pet Oil every day. Maintenance drops. When he competes he gets a stronger dosage to help with quicker recovery. Since his injury I have been giving him the stronger dosage plus using it externally on his chest area. I woke up today to a dog that is acting and running around like nothing happened. 3 days, that's all it took. Thank you Clint Lien, Robin Harris McDonald, and Natural Pet Oil for such an amazing product