Natural Pet Oil athletes show everyone how surfing is done

Natural Pet Oil sponsored surf dogs, Brody and Lani showed up to the 2018 Imperial Beach Surf Dog Competition and showed everyone how dog surfing is done. This year's competition was a a little different than last years in that they only awarded trophies based on overall points, combining all of the dogs sizes into one big category for the Finals. That meant finishing in the top 5 of their category was more important than ever.

Brody surfed amazing and was in 1st position overall in points for handler pushed dogs and easily made the finals. Lani also surfed well, sitting in 4th and also making the finals. With trophies only going to the top 3, the finals were super competitive.

After the dust had settled Brody was on the podium with a solid 2nd place finish. Natural Pet Oil is super proud of all our competitors. Everyone had a great time, take a look at the action below.


Brody checking out his line as he takes it to the beach.

Lani catching a good sized wave

Brody with the hardware