Spike and Maria's Amazing Story

Spike, Natural Pet Oil's Mascot

On Oct. 27th I went to Frosted Faces Foundation in Ramona, CA and met with Kelly Smisek (Executive Director) to foster a dog named Spike. All I new was he was a 12 year old Pit bull and had been in the rescue program for 5 years and 7 months. Medically, he had Hemangiosarcoma a cancer of the blood vessels. He was dog aggressive but kid and people friendly. I picked this crazy guy up and on the way home knew I had met my match. As soon as we walked in my house he ran outside back inside on top of the coffee table, couch and anywhere he felt he could go. We bonded quickly and within a few days I was his person and he was my boy Spike. All through November we continued to figure out each others likes and needs. Went on walks and just spent time together in the backyard enjoying freedom and him dominating the entire bed.

On December 10th something was wrong, I along with his many friends from the rescue worried and thought the worse. I rushed him in to be seen at the 24 hour vet. They looked him over and said it is more than likely his cancer attacking his spleen, to watch him the rest of the night and take him in to be seen the next day. I went in to pick him up, and the vet met me in the lobby said there was a change in plans, while she waited she did a quick scan of his lungs and they are full. They proceeded to drain 600 ml from each lung that night. Wondering what is causing this the next day we did all kinds of imaging, ultra sounds and found nothing that could be causing that amount of fluid.

Our walks became much shorter just up the street and back. On December 29th I stopped to talk to my neighbor Clint (Co-Founder of Natural Pet Oil). As I told him what was going on and through my tears feared my boy Spike only had a few weeks at best. The vets did not want to keep tapping him and we had no idea what was going on. He offered me a bottle of Natural Pet Oil – Special Blend oil and said give this a try. Of course I wanted to give him anything that might help. I reached out to get approval from Kelly before giving it to Spike. It was approved and I started with a real small dose, On New Years Eve I rushed him back to the 24 hour vet. It was decided that there was nothing more we could do, to continue to tap his lungs is painful and not healthy for him and without a cause, there is no treatment. I mentioned I had just started him on Hemp Oil oil and they recommended I up his dose. When they brought him out to me I lost all control of my emotions and sat on the floor holding Spike crying as if he was going to die in my arms at that moment. I looked around and there was not a dry eye in the room. I was breaking and needed more than there is nothing more we can do.

Then is started to happen, the next few days I gave him a bigger dose of the Hemp oil and I noticed he was breathing better and better. Here he was that crazy happy dog I brought home in Oct. I was not asking questions just asking for more Hemp oil. He went from struggling to breath every few days to a whole week, then another and another. I was amazed and so happy. He went 6 weeks before he needed medical attention again. This time they got even more fluid out and said they would not tap him again, unless we did more to figure out what was going on. The rescue reached out to it's many followers to see if anyone has ever heard of anything. In doing so, the majority said to get a CT scan as others offered to pay for it. Off we went to get a CT scan, yep you guessed it, there is no reason for his lungs to be filling up. That was about 3 weeks ago now and we are continuing to give him Lasik, Prednisone and Hemp oil. I can't thank Clint enough for the introduction to the Natural Pet Oil – Special Blend Full Spectrum Hemp oil, it is my opinion it is the main reason Spike is still alive today. It is not the cure and will not stop the fact he has cancer spreading in his little body, but is has provided him with a better quality of life and given him more time with his new person and me more time with my boy Spike.

Maria Neuzil