FAQ: Can I give my Dog Human CBD Oil?

You have your own CBD oil, and are curious if you can give it to your dog? 

Well the short answer is: No. There should be a difference between products made for humans, and ones made for dogs. 

Some differences between dog products and human products are:

  1. Dosage: Dogs require different dosages than humans due to differences in metabolism and body size. What might be a suitable dose for a human could be too much or too little for a dog.

  2. Potency and Concentration: CBD products for humans vary widely in potency and concentration. Dogs require specific dosages based on their weight and health condition, and using human products might lead to inaccuracies in dosing. 

  3. Ingredients: Human CBD oil might contain additional ingredients or additives that are not safe for dogs. Some human products may also contain flavors that dogs should not consume.

Ex: Terpenes: Some terpenes(plant actives) might have health benefits for humans, while also being harmful/toxic to pets. 

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