Customer Story: Meet Moose!

Natural Pet Oil

Moose gets CBD oil daily, starting on August 17th.

I have gone from thinking I had less than 24 hours together to now celebrating one month and counting of quality time together. 

On August 17th I thought I had less than 24 hours with Moose. He had to be carried into the Vets office on a gurney. We did an X-ray and found an enlarged spleen and tumor....a death sentence. Moose 13yrs 4 months old.

After the X-ray, I asked to see Moose as I realized I needed to put him down. They were able to walk Moose to my room. And spending time together I realized he had enough energy to say good bye to the pack.

It wasn't his time yet to cross the rainbow bridge. I asked that they give him fluids and made an appointment to return with him the next day to put him down. I explained I was going to take he and my pack to my pool. Moose's happy place to say good bye. The vet was concerned I would let him go into the pool, but I explained he would have a life jacket on and I would be with him if he got in trouble.

Well Moose went into the pool. Sat on the steps and barked, then swam. I was taking pictures and crying but so happy. That night I got Moose to eat a little...his first in 3 days. I got him to take some CBD oil. The next morning Moose could walk. I offered some breakfast and he ate.

His energy was returning. We went to the vet, but not to be put down, but to get fluids. Followed with pool time. Moose has been ready for pool time daily.

I feel very blessed. His only med is the CBD oil, fluids, pool play and an endorphin and adrenalin boost daily. These elements have returned a quality of life to Moose so he is ready for pool play and not the bridge.

Thank you Natural Pet Oil for letting us have more time together. It's a priceless gift.

Thank you!


Moose, Kona Kai, Brody, Lani & Bamboo

Natural Pet Oil

Natural Pet Oil