Team NPO - Ruby


Athlete’s Name and Age: Ruby 3 years

Athlete’s Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Sports and Competitions involved in:
Dock Diving, Toss N Fetch Frisbee, Scent Work, Kayaking

Accomplishments and Awards:

  • #1 Austrailian Cattle Dog Dock Diver 2019-2020 (NADD),
  • 2nd place Fetch-It Master Elite 2019 (UAD)     
  • 4th in Utlimate Air Championships 2019 (UAD)     
  • 6th in Utimate Air Champrionships (UAD)   
  • Invited to (UAD & NADD) natrionals 2019-2020. 
Favorite Past Times:

Morning coffee with dad & friends.   Meeting other dogs at local breweries.   Chasing lizards in back yard.    Road trips to dock diving events.