Team NPO - Ollie


Believe in love at first sight? That is exactly what happened when we met Ollie.

As a tiny pup, Ollie was found wandering the streets in Bakersfield. He was then lovingly rescued and brought to an adoption event at the Orange County Pet Expo near our home. I took one look at a very scared little black and white dog, picked him up, held him in my arms, and fell in love. Even though Ollie had been adopted and returned three times before, it turns out that he just needed to find the right home – OURS!

When Ollie began attending flyball classes, he showed us what a competitive spirit he had. Ollie excelled not only in flyball but had a natural athleticism with everything he tried. One day we were participating in a flyball demonstration and noticed other dogs dock diving. All the dogs looked like they were having a blast, so we thought we would give it a try. Ollie walked straight over to the edge of the dock and barked crazily at the tennis ball floating in the water. Before we could even blink, Ollie dove in, head-first! It was as if he had been born for the sport.

Several months later, we entered Ollie in a dock diving competition at the Orange County Pet Expo. The next day, Ollie’s photo appeared on the front page of the newspaper, The Orange County Register. We were thrilled! Ollie then returned to the same dock event a few years later and leaped to his personal best dive of 26 feet, 9 inches. Ollie’s achievement was made even more meaningful since it occurred on the fifth anniversary of his adoption from the very same Pet Expo. He showed us all just how awesome an All-American rescued dog can be!

In his spare time, Ollie is a typical Southern California boy who loves swimming, boating, paddle boarding around the harbor near our Surf City home, and just hanging out at the beach. He also enjoys escaping to his home-away-from-home in Lake Havasu, where he can indulge in his love for all water sports.

  • Tennis Ball Fetching Freak
  • Water Activities: Swimming, Boating, Paddle Boarding
  • Barn Hunt Enthusiast
  • Huntington Beach Tree Society Member, Best Friend
  • The Orange County Register, front page photo, April 15, 2015
  • Start dog on his Surf City flyball team - formerly known as ‘Team Riptide’
  • Multiple 0.00 Perfect Starts in flyball
  • Surf City Flyball member, named Regional Champions by North American Flyball Association, 2015
  • North American Flyball Association CanAm Flyball Classic 2016, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Personal Best flyball time - 3.832 seconds in NAFA, July 2017
  • Flyball Onyx Award - achieved 20,000 points in racing, North American Flyball Association, July 2018
  • North American Flyball Association CanAm Flyball Classic, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2018
  • Splash Dogs Finals 1st Place in Extreme, April 19, 2018
  • Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge, Diving Dog Qualifier 2018
  • NADD Dock Elite, September 2019
  • Ultimate Air Games 2nd place in Chase-It, Ultimate Elite, Gray Summit, Missouri, 2019
  • Ultimate Air Games 2nd place in Fetch-It, Master Elite, Gray Summit, Missouri, 2019
  • Ultimate Air Games 5th place in Distance, Ultimate, Gray Summit, Missouri, 2019
  • NADD Air Retrieve Master, June 2020
  • NADD Dock Master, January 2020
  • Personal best in Air Retrieve - 23 feet in NADD, July 5, 2020
  • NADD Dock Elite Advanced, August 2020
  • NADD Hydro Dash Master, August 2020
  • NADD Air Retrieve Elite, September 2020
  • Personal Best in Distance Jump - 28 feet, 3 inches in NADD, September 2020