Team NPO - Ivy


While looking for a new addition to our family, we came across a photo of an eight-week old puppy, who was part of a litter living in a barn with some chickens. We knew immediately that Ivy Rose was coming home with us, even before we met her!

A typical Weimaraner, Ivy was an extremely active pup requiring lots of exercise and mental challenges. After learning and practicing frisbee ‘catch’ in the house, we moved our frisbee lessons to the outdoors.

Once we mastered frisbee skills, we decided to join a local flyball class. Flyball is a competitive sport that involves a team of four dogs running in relay against another team of four dogs. Each dog on a team must run over a series of hurdles, retrieve a tennis ball from a spring-loaded box, then return to its human with the tennis ball.

After lots of hard work and many hours dedicated to learning the sport, Ivy was flyball-ready! Ivy enjoys the thrill of relay racing with other dogs in her Surf City Flyball Club. She even became an inspiration for her younger brother, Ollie to join in on the fun. As members of Surf City Flyball, we now take Ivy and her brother to compete in regional tournaments held throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. In addition, we have competed at the national level at the North American Flyball Association CanAm Classic in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In her spare time, Ivy is a typical Southern California girl who loves swimming, boating, paddle boarding around the harbor near our Surf City home, and just hanging out at the beach. She also enjoys escaping to her home-away-from-home in Lake Havasu, where she can indulge in her love for all water sports.

  • Frisbee addict
  • Water Activities: Swimming, Boating, Paddle Boarding
  • Barn Hunt enthusiast
  • Huntington Beach Tree Society Member, Best Friend
  • Personal Best flyball time - 4.472 seconds in NAFA, January 2015
  • Surf City Flyball member, named Regional Champions by North American Flyball Association, 2015
  • North American Flyball Association CanAm Flyball Classic, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2016
  • Personal Best in Distance Jump - 8 feet, 3 inches in American Diving Dogs, September 2016
  • Top Dog in Breed - Fastest Weimaraner in the United Flyball League International, with a recorded time of 4.503 seconds. Recognized as a Breed Ambassador, 2017
  • Flyball Multibreed Master, presented by the North American Flyball Association, January 2017
  • Flyball Onyx Award - achieved 20,000 points in racing, North American Flyball Association, February 2017
  • North American Flyball Association CanAm Flyball Classic, Indianapolis, Indiana 2018
  • Flyball Grand Champion Award - achieved 30,000 points in racing, North American Flyball Association, October 2018
  • NADD Dock Novice title in Distance Jump, September 2019